Organ Donation

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Organ donation is a serious topic, but one that is close to my heart.  It has touched my life in many ways.

My aunt died waiting for a heart/lung transplant.  She was only in her late 30’s but had lived with a congenital heart problem all her life that significantly limited her stamina and endurance.  It also prevented her from having children.

The Girl has a friend with severe cystic fibrosis  She will probably require a lung transplant in a few years time if she wants to live past her late teens/early 20’s.

A boy I used to babysit had an 8 year old cousin on the wait list for a liver transplant.

The brother of a very good high school friend had a live donor kidney transplant.  The donated kidney came from his father.

I don’t want my organs to die with me.   I’ve discussed this with my family, including my primary school aged children.  They fully support organ donation.

Organs are for life, not death.

If you are Australian and interested in registering as an organ donor, more information can be found on the Medicare website.

disclosure:  I have not been asked to do this post by anyone, nor received any compensation for doing so.  I just wanted to share my beliefs and experiences for something about which I feel strongly.




Sometimes The Boy doesn’t talk to people.  He’d rather make noises.  Like squawks.  He squawks a lot when he is feeling nervous around someone who he knows.  With strangers he is usually quiet and hides under my shirt.  But sometimes when he is feeling happy and silly he squawks at strangers too.

Turns out, others on the autism spectrum also squawk

I found this video that sums it up fairly well.

Welcome to Day 1

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I’ve decided to give blogging a go.  Not making any promises about daily (or even weekly) posts though as I tend to lack in the imagination, originality, organisational and planning areas.