We are not really a football family.  We don’t usually watch it on tv.  I’ve never been to a game.

But Adelaide is our ‘Australian home town’.   Even though we are both from Canada, The Other Half and I met in Adelaide, and our kids were born there.

I moved to Adelaide from Canada in early 1998.   The Crows had won their first final ever in 1997.  I was somewhat swept up into the whole Crows fever thing during the 1998 footy season when the Crows were once again the team to beat, and was in the crowd at the celebratory parade when they won the 1998 championship.

So although we aren’t really a footy family, we consider the Crows to be ‘our team’ even now that we live in Victoria.    We check the papers on Monday to see how they did over the weekend, and if by chance we notice that their game is televised we will flip back and forth during the game to check on the score whilst watching another programme.  But other than that we don’t usually give footy or the Crows much of a thought.

When we were living in Sydney The Other Half took The Girl to a Crows vs. Swans football game 2 years ago.  She has talked about it ever since.     The Boy has expressed his wishes to go to a game too.

So this past Saturday we made the long trek into Melbourne to see the Crows play North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium for an evening game.

The Boy is very sensitive to loud noises, hates crowds and usually has trouble sitting through a movie at the cinema.  So we warned The Boy that it was likely to be noisy and crowed.  We bought general admission tickets so that if The Boy was too bothered we could either move away from annoying spectators, or leave early without it costing an arm and a leg.

We also made sure that he had is mp3 player and headphones with him.  This was a double barrelled defence in that The Boy could wear just the headphones to muffle the sounds if things were too loud, or he could let him withdraw into himself and listen to his mp3 player if he needed to.  We also took along a blanket that he could wear to hide himself if needed.

The Boy was so keyed up and excited.   When we went in there weren’t many people around, so all was good.  We bought him and The Girl each a Crows guernsey, which they were very proud to wear.  We found a section of seating where other Crows fans were sitting, but was not too crowded.

The siren startled The Boy, but once I explained what it was, and when it was likely to go off he accepted it and did not cry out each time it went off.

Surprisingly, we didn’t really need to worry about all the precautions we had taken.  The Boy loved the game.  He couldn’t really follow what was happening on the field, but he enjoyed the whole essence of attending a footy game.

The Boy kept either telling me how excited he was to be at the game, or cheering.    He stayed in his seat the whole time.

There wasn’t too much of a crowd to get down to the carpark at the end of the game, so once again no worries for The Boy.

The Boy was so carried away with the excitement of game that he stayed awake for nearly an hour of the 3 hour car trip home.

We got home at 1:30am.   A very long day, but so worth it to see The Boy so happy.

Please forgive the quality of the photos.  The Other Half took them with his phone