We live in Regional Victoria.    While we like living here it does have it’s drawbacks.

Unlike Melbourne or Sydney, there is not a lot of choice for fun things to do on school holidays.   Especially if it is cold and rainy.

But…we are within range of Melbourne for day trips.  Well, almost.  It is about 3.5 hours to drive one way to Melbourne.   So 7 hours of the day trip is spent in the car.  Not a lot of fun for anyone, so day trips to Melbourne are few and far between.    Normally our day trips into Melbourne are tied into medical appointments.   And tram rides.   Because The Boy loves Melbourne trams.

Regional living also means that he kids have limited opportunities for fantastic school excursions.   No trips to big museums and historical sites etc.

The Boy’s school keeps school excursions to within local areas.   Yesterday The Boy’s class went to the Police Station, earlier in the year they visited the local Fruit and Veg Shop.

The Girl’s school, however, does not let our location get in the way of cultural and educational excursions.  They consider Melbourne to be within reasonable range for school excursions.

Today the whole school is off to Melbourne for the day.  Yes, just for the day.  They left the school at 9:00am.   They will return at around 2:00am.   2:00 AM In. The. Morning.

They’ll be doing some theatrical stuff in the afternoon, then attending an evening theatrical performance.

2:00 AM.   Gee, I wonder how many kids will be at school tomorrow?