When I was a kid, I always wanted a trampoline.  But they weren’t very common way back in the dark ages in Canada.

But the day I became a mother I decided that trampolines were dangerous and there was no way my kids would ever have one.   Never.  Ever.

The Other Half works in the operating theatre of the hospital.  He has seen many kids come through needing surgery to fix bones broken in trampoline accidents.  He also said no way ever would our kids have a trampoline.

But now we have The Boy.  As a baby The Boy needed to be cuddled.  All The Time.

As a toddler he always laid down to play.  He never sat.  He needed maximum body tactile  input.

He is very sensory seeking.  But definitely not hyperactive.

So for Christmas this past year The Other Half and I decided to eat my own words.

Santa brought the kids a trampoline.    With pads and nets.

And it has been the best thing.  Not only has it given The Boy an outlet for his sensory seeking, it has also helped his gross motor control, balance and co-ordination.  At Christmas he could not balance on one leg.  Now he can.

I’m glad we have a trampoline.