The Cast of Characters

We’re just an ordinary family.  Sort of.  There are 4 of us,.  Me, The Other Half, The Boy, who is 8, and The Girl, who is 11.

We also have 3 dogs.   Old Dog is a 14 year old kelpie shepherd cross.  The other 2 are Murray River Curly Coated Retrievers who are still quite young at 1 year old and 2 years old.

We live in regional Victoria, Australia.

I am an ex-pat Canadian, and so is The Other Half.

The Girl attends a specialist school for the performing arts.  She also has many features of aspergers syndrome, but we have never sought out a formal diagnosis for her as it is not affecting her schooling.

But The Boy is an enigma.  After many year of medical and behavioural issues,  it was felt that The Boy certainly is on the autistic spectrum.  It has been a long hard road, but finally we know why The Boy is so very different to other kids.

The Aspergers/autism diagnosis doesn’t change who The Boy is.  But it does mean that he can get the extra help that he needs in school.  And it is useful in explaining (but not excusing)  his behaviour to other people.


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  1. Lorna d'Entremont
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 17:55:01

    Hello, I was going to skim this article but you wrote it so well and your sharing of the start of your son’s life is so touching that I reread it carefully once more. Hope things are going better now that you have a diagnosis and that he can receive extra help in school. Lorna


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