This post is an update of the previous one.

Here are the Mother’s Day gifts I received from The Girl and The Boy.

From The Boy’s school’s Mother’s Day stall is the face-washer folded with cardboard to look like an evening bag, with smelly soap inside, and a silk flower brooch pinned on it.

Also from The Boy, a milo tin that he decorated in art class

A mobile phone case that The Girl made for me out of some flannelette scraps and bias binding that she found in my sewing table.  This is so I can wear my new phone around my neck.

Another gift that The Girl made.  This is a still life fruit bowl painted on a slice of wood from a tree her friend’s father chopped down.  Although it is not intended to be an I Spy type of painting, it apparently contains a strawberry, a blueberry, a raspberry, a lemon, a peach, and some nuts

A paper fan that The Boy decorated at Bunnings with the Joey Scouts.  Notice that it is already falling apart

And my final gift.  A paper fan that The Girl made at Bunnings with her Cub Scout group.  The Girl pointed out that her fan is also breaking.

Sadly, The Girl was too sick to go to school on friday, and so she missed the Mother’s Day stall at her school.   I am both relieved and disappointed at the same time that The Girl was not able to buy me a cheesy gift.

Please don’t misjudge me.  I am very happy that the kids thought enough of me to make me gifts.   They are very pleased with their gifts and could not wait for me to open them.

Yes, the majority of the gifts will be going straight to the proverbial pool room.

I’ll hang the wood painting up on the wall.

When we take the dogs for a walk this afternoon I will proudly wear my mobile phone pouch.

The Milo tin will sit proudly on the kitchen counter to be used as a cookie jar.

I’ll hang the face washer purse up in the bathroom as a bathroom decoration for a short while, then pull it apart to use the face-washer.  I’ll pin the flower brooch on the jacket that I wear for taking The Boy to school.

But alas, the paper fans are too fragile to either use or display.   I will wrap them gently in tissue paper and place them at the bottom of one of my dresser drawers with all the other home made cards and gifts to be carefully preserved until I die.

My kids love me, and for that I am truly thankful.