The Girl is very active.  She is only 10 but she attends a specialist school for the performing arts.  When she is at a playground she loves the monkey bars.

One of her favourite tricks is to hang upside-down by her knees only.  Then she swings her body back and forth until she is swinging fast enough and high enough to let her legs go of the bars, does a flip in the air and lands on her feet.    This is something that many kids at her school do at lunch and recess.

She was quite good at this.  Until last Thursday.

We got to The Boy’s school about 20 minutes prior to dismissal.  The Girl ran out to the playground to practice her monkey bar flips while I went into the office to get some paperwork sorted out.

Next thing I know The Girl comes running into the office crying and holding her wrist.   She can’t move her fingers.   The school that The Boy goes to is great.  They give us an ice pack and sling for The Girl to use and go and get The Boy out of class early so I can take The Girl off to the hospital.

X-rays don’t show any breaks so the diagnosis is a sprained wrist.

Then on friday, at around 6:00pm we get a phone call from the hospital.  The radiologist that reviewed the x-rays noticed that there is a buckle fracture of the radius at the wrist.  Apparently her x-ray looks somewhat  like the one below.


Thankfully no need for it to be casted, a soft bandage wrap is fine.  But of course it also means that The Girl cannot do any school training for a few weeks.

The Girl says that she has sworn off doing any more flips at the playground, but I suspect that she will be back to doing them before too long.