I’ve decided to jump back into the blogosphere, and what better way than to join Shae from Yay For Home with the Things I Know Meme.

I know that:

– I am terribly lazy blogger, but I’m going to try to get back into the blogging groove.

– I am terrible at remembering to take pictures, so there aren’t many pics to go with my blog posts.

– That these school holidays have been the worst in terms of weather, but the best in terms of the kids getting along and not fighting and having fun playing with each other.

– That play dough is not just for preschoolers – Even 11 year old girls get excited when I suggest making play dough.

– That play dough can keep an 11 year old and an 8 year old amused for many hours on multiple days.

– That I really hate winter in regional Victoria, despite having lived all but the last 13 years of my life in Canada and experiencing -40 degree celcius days. (yes, that is MINUS 40, and yes, that is damn cold, cold enough to freeze the snot and hairs in your nose.)

– A patio enclosed with bistro blinds makes a wonderful sunroom and is a very pleasant place to sit and read in on a sunny, but cold winter’s day especially if you tend to suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  It is also a great place to hang out in on a cold and rainy day when there is a roaring fire in the wood heater in the corner of the patio.

– When you send the kids out to play on a day that is bitterly cold, but the fire is roaring in the sun room, and the sun is trying to shine, you just might find the kids sitting up close to the fire playing their Nintendo DSs rather than running around using their large muscle groups.  (they sometimes live to letter of the law, if not the intent)